Couples Therapy

Photo of interracial couple's hands, fingers laced together.
Photo of lesbian couple's hands.
Photo of married couple's hands.
Photo of elderly couple's hands.

Experiencing tension, discord or disconnection in our relationships can lead to distress. It can impact our emotional, mental and even physical health. When our relationships are healthy, they feed us, creating a nurturing base from which to go out into the world. When they are under duress, the impact can follow us throughout every part of our lives. Some will cope by shutting down or pulling away. Others, driven by panic will demand connection to calm the storms evoked within. Both can lead to feeling more alone than ever.

It’s common to need another person to help you work through the hurt, anger, resentment, rejection, and loneliness that can be felt in relationships when things have gone awry. Someone who can hear each of you and help you to hear each other can be necessary in breaking down the disconnection. When I work with couples, I am gentle and firm. I create space for each person to be heard, really listened to, and understood.

You may be interested to know that I work with all types of couples: queer and straight, monogamous and polyamorous.