Individual Therapy

I work with people aged 16 and up. Most find their way to me for a variety of reasons and often because they are dealing with deep emotional pain or psychological distress. Life can be hard, and some of the things we endure can be very difficult. It can leave one feeling isolated, overwhelmed and even on the verge of losing hope. Having someone in your life who can help you find healing can make a world of difference. I know it did for me.

I have experience working with people who are struggling with a variety of issues related to:

▪︎ Anxiety
▪︎ Bipolar Disorder
▪︎ Borderline Personality Disorder
▪︎ Depression and persistent sadness
▪︎ Grief and Loss
▪︎ Relationship problems/distress
▪︎ Self-Esteem/Self-Worth issues
▪︎ Sexuality, Sexual and Gender Identity
▪︎ Suicidal thoughts and wanting to die
▪︎ Suicide and Homicide Bereavement
▪︎ Trauma (current, past, acute and complex)
▪︎ Victim (or co-victim) of Violent Crime

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